It feels good to finally feel good, doesn’t it? Our client responses to our acupuncture treatments are always energy boosts for us here at Treehouse Acupuncture, and we appreciate them every time. We are grateful that our daily work focuses on alleviating others’ pain, stress, disease, and discomfort. 

But sometimes, things come up and you need a little extra dose of goodness either between sessions, while away on vacation or just after a really, really tough day at the office. 

We get it. Life is no walk in the park. So, it’s always good to have a few – needle-free – ways to achieve some of the benefits of acupuncture at home with acupressure. Let’s talk about them:

  1. If you’re suffering from sinus pain, use your index finger or thumb to apply light pressure and a circular motion right between and down along byour eyebrows for five seconds at a time. Move on to your temples using the same gentle circular motion.
  2. For lower back pain, find your pressure point midway up your calf muscle. Hold for five seconds using a circular motion. There is another relief point found by grabbing your waist with both hands so that your thumbs are balanced at the base of your back. Apply light pressure in the same circular motion for five seconds, repeating at least three times.
  3. For general body pain, you’ll find a point called LV3, located on the top of each foot in the web between the big toe and second toe. Again, a gentle, circular motion is the way to achieve quick relief.
  4. To treat insomnia, find your spirit gate point. With your palm facing you, locate the pressure point at the crease on your outer wrist in-line below your pinkie finger. It feels like a hollow space. Apply circular pressure to quiet your mind and achieve sleep.

Of course, we have more at-home ways to ease your pain until your next appointment, and we are happy to instruct you in-person to help you find the exact points that will best benefit your personal relief. But remember:

  • Let your body and your points be your guide. We can show you where the particular points are located, but your body’s response to your touch will narrow down the precise spot that provides relief.
  • You don’t need much pressure once you’ve found your spot. Relax, breathe,  focus, and play with the angle of your touch to find your optimal position.
  • Circular motions provide harmony, upward motions tone, and downward motions are excellent for grounding.

You don’t need an hour to practice at-home acupressure; five or ten minutes before bedtime is a perfect ritual to add to your nighttime regimen. We’ll see you at your next acupuncture appointment! 

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