There are two parts to moxibustion therapy

A common herb called mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) and the ways it’s administered to your body.

At Treehouse Acupuncture, we use traditional Japanese applications of this herb topically as a heat therapy to stimulate blood flow, qi flow, to reinforce a treatment, and for general warming and circulation. When paired with acupuncture, the therapies increase each other’s effectiveness.

Okyu & Ikyu as well as Kytoshin

Traditional Japanese moxibustion includes techniques called okyu and ikyu (directly placed on the skin) and kytoshin (also called needle moxa). In all cases only the highest-grade Japanese moxa is used, sourced from small family-owned artisanal operations in Japan where Dr. Casado visits regularly. It has a distinct aroma and pleasant sensation of warmth since it burns at a low temperature. In addition, we light the moxa with a sandalwood incense Dr. Casado brings back from Japan each year.
Moxibustions successfully treats pain due to injury or arthritis, digestive problems and irregular elimination, protection against cold and flu, and gynecological and obstetrical conditions. It is also incredibly relaxing.


I've recently been having low back/hip pain due to pregnancy, so I made an appointment with Dr. Casado. The pain eased within a few hours after my appointment! I highly recommend her.

Amy Felty


Casado treatments are great, I’ve been getting treatments with her for a month and feeling the difference. She has a very relaxing environment, and will do everything for you to leave Tree House feeling better.

Veronica Cid


Quality, very experienced acupuncturist and herbalist. She was able to diagnose my condition by feeling my pulse for a few moments. She has studied in Japan and China and is always improving her abilities. Amazing and trustworthy

Grace Rollins