Change the way you heal


It sounds complicated. It is, until it isn’t.

Ancient Chinese texts explain a concept that we are surrounded by five energy fields, also known as the five elements, and they still play an integral role in all aspects of Chinese culture and well-being, including the way Chinese people approach nutrition.

Our Diagnostic System

Based on these texts, we have developed a diagnostic system using these five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. They also represent our five main solid (yin) organs: liver (wood), heart (fire), spleen (earth). lung (metal), and kidney (water). These organs also have yang pairs, hollow organs like the stomach (earth) referring to the inactive and active functions of each element in the body. The five elements also represent five different colors: white (metal), green (wood), black/blue (water), red (fire), and yellow (earth).
According to ancient Chinese medicine, we develop symptoms and diseases when these five elements become unbalanced. To achieve that perfect balance, it’s key to understand mutual generation and mutual overcoming. For example, in cases of mutual generating, wood makes fire stronger, fire made earth, metal improves the quality of the water, and so on. A few examples of mutual overcoming are that water can stop a fire, fire can melt metal, and metal can cut wood. These elemental relationships also refer to relationships between the organs and functions of the body.
All of that ancient lore combines to treat your body’s weaknesses by targeting the specific body or organs with specific-colors and elements of food to help improve your health. If you suffer from heart or small intestine ailments, eat food that is red in color. Your liver and gallbladder need green-colored food to maintain balance. If you suffer from allergies and other respiratory system deficiencies, white foods can heal. Coupled with an eating plan that considers the temperature and the flavors of different foods, many ailments can be treated with just a few dietary changes.
At Treehouse Acupuncture, we believe in the proven benefits of leading a five-element lifestyle, so we work hard to teach patients how to incorporate it into their routines.


I've recently been having low back/hip pain due to pregnancy, so I made an appointment with Dr. Casado. The pain eased within a few hours after my appointment! I highly recommend her.

Amy Felty


Casado treatments are great, I’ve been getting treatments with her for a month and feeling the difference. She has a very relaxing environment, and will do everything for you to leave Tree House feeling better.

Veronica Cid


Quality, very experienced acupuncturist and herbalist. She was able to diagnose my condition by feeling my pulse for a few moments. She has studied in Japan and China and is always improving her abilities. Amazing and trustworthy

Grace Rollins