“Does it hurt?” and Other FAQs You Want Answered

The last time you experienced pain or injury, did you rely on medication to heal? What about treating your insomnia? Did a visit to the pharmacy do the trick? If you’re buying pain medication in bulk to mask the symptoms you’re feeling, it’s time to consider another approach.

For those patients who have never experienced an acupuncture session, the thought of needles being inserted into your skin for the purpose of healing might seem nonsensical. But, for those who are needle devotees, acupuncture makes perfect sense.

Acupuncture locates and treats the root of whatever is ailing you, as opposed to treating the symptoms you’re experiencing.

How does Acupuncture work?

Acupuncture focuses on a system of meridians that flow through our bodies. When our life force – or Qi, pronounced chee – moves through the meridians freely, our body performs in a state of homeostasis, or at an equilibrium. Stable, balanced, and able to maintain a standard of health and well-being.

But when our meridians become blocked, our body reacts with illness and pain. Instead of managing those symptoms with therapies and pain medications, acupuncture strives to cure the condition by clearing the blockages.

I’m scared. Does Acupuncture hurt?

At Treehouse Acupuncture, our Japanese-style acupuncture is gentle and painless. We use the lightest touch and the finest gauge needles, so there’s no need to worry about pain.

Why is my acupuncturist examining my tongue?

Tongue diagnosis is a long-standing practice in traditional Chinese medicine, and it’s one of the first assessments your acupuncturist will perform before beginning treatment. Expect Dr. Casado to look at your tongue’s color, shape, and coating in order to understand many of the disorders currently bothering you. (By the way, this part only takes about 15 seconds or less.)

What illnesses are treated with Acupuncture?

Oh, too many to list here! But visit our site to find your perfect acu-healing modality, including pain management, stress and anxiety, women’s health, fertility and maternity, digestive and sleep issues, autoimmune disorders, and addiction recovery.

When will I see results from Acupuncture?

What kind of injury or condition brings you to Treehouse Acupuncture? If it’s been bothering you for a long time, it could take some time to resolve. One of the greatest benefits of our Kiiko Matsumoto Style acupuncture methods is the immediacy of pain relief, so rest assured: If you hurt, we can heal.

I’m ready to try Acupuncture! How do I get started?

We’re so pleased that you’re ready to treat your pain by strengthening your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Call Treehouse Acupuncture today to schedule your first appointment. Let’s work together to build a treatment plan to achieve your health and wellness goals.

CLICK HERE to book your appointment. Simply select the time that works best for you. We’ll send you a reminder before your appointment. Let your healing begin!